Golden streams journey to Earth from the sun
aiming for blooms in the fields where they run
rising and shining with pigments that stun
growing to brighten the earth one by one

Flowers aspire, in meadows they thrive
dreaming the moment they come to arrive
daughter of Sun, his adoring revive
standing in sunlight so bright and alive

Facing the sky with inherited power
petals of gold brighten up every hour
flowers admiring under her tower
all looking up to the glowing Sunflower

I knew a girl once who stood out this way
basked in the sunlight that graced her each day
gentle and sweet with the breezes, she’d sway
til fate’s harsh hand quickly stole her away

Tragedy struck quick as lighting would flash
in just a moment, the same one, her last
thoughtlessness fueling the thunderous crash
we bear the impact that took her too fast

He held her life, like the wheel in his hand
drenched in regret from this tragic demand
shadows now trail, they walk with him on land
he and the tree bear the scars but they stand

She paid the price for what wasn’t her crime
leaving behind broken hearts in her climb
daily I whisper to wish her more time
plucked like a sunflower right in her prime

Given a chance, if I had one more day
though she transcends the mere words I could say
she held my secrets and with her, they stay
meadows grow dim now that she’s gone away

Yet, there’s a light in her never to waiver
one that defies the short life that time gave her
woven within her, always meant to save her
just like a sunflower in the Sun’s favor

Golden streams journey to Earth from afar
angelic arms lift her right from that car
I’d know that light anywhere, near or far
sun’s favorite flower, now night’s brightest star

For Megan Lee

Jessica Wheeler

Avatar photoJessica Wheeler is an accomplished writer residing in Branford, Connecticut. Her creative passion began at a young age, with a history of writing music and lyrics, as well as singing vocals. Previously having worked in the medical field, Jessica changed course to raise her children while dealing with overwhelming grief and PTSD acquired after losing multiple loved ones in a short span of time. Returning to writing was a comforting outlet for Jessica, and she has become a top-rated poet and author on Her writing often explores themes of loss, grief, and resilience in the face of life's challenges.

One comment on “Sunflower

  • Francine wheeler
    October 24, 2023 | 10:47 am

    This is beyond beautiful! I love you Jessica

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