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5 Minutes Of Truth

I remember times
when Truth was inscribed
in capitals, like the opening lines
of an illuminated manuscript
its compulsive fantasies

emblazoned in the tinted ink
by practiced hands
working the vellum
for salvation

or the embossed
Gothic font impressed
in the black leather cover
of my grandmother’s
Bible, its red edges

Worn to a thin pink
by licked fingers hungry
for the Word of God.

Truth was once
pressed hard into the
thick manila of my
father’s last newspapers,
raised in braille to
be read by blind hands

until it was engraved
forever in the stone
that marked his
return to the earth when
those same sad hands
gave up the light.

And now for me
truth comes like
the tingling chill
of grief

pecked out on a screen
and swished on the wind

to a distant friend.

Robert A. Neimeyer, Ph.D., is Professor in the Department of Psychology, University of Memphis, where he also maintains an active clinical practice. Neimeyer also serves as Director of the Portland Institute for Loss and Transition, which offers training and certification in grief therapy.

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