Dear Me: Poems of loss, grief, and hope in New York’s darkest days

These poems are from her book Dear Me: Poems of loss, grief, and hope in New York’s darkest days


I hadn’t considered what was ahead

I thought our lives would go on forever

As they were

Perhaps foolishness

Perhaps survival

A New Life

Is it possible that I’ve managed to design

A new life for myself?

I loved the old one

I would wake up each morning and think

What do I want to do today?

The possibilities were endless

All of them good

Grasp Life Now

The gods of loss decry

Wait one year after loss

To make major decisions


But life is too short

So, that year condenses to months

I can stave off the loneliness

By providing a loving place

To be with family and friends

Now, while there’s still time

This poem is from her play A Perfect Storm

Forbidden Pillow

In case you think I’m all better now

I still sleep on my side of a king-sized bed

I still can’t use the pillow on the other side 

Even though it’s been replaced

Maybe a new house?

Maybe a new mattress?

Maybe never

Stephanie Sloane

Avatar photoA native New Yorker, born and raised in the Bronx, who now lives in Manhattan, Stephanie Sloane has had an eclectic career encompassing many creative endeavors mostly in the art and theater worlds. She has written two plays, “Toujours L’Amour” which was staged in NYC last year, and “Bronx Light/Bronx Dark.” The loss of her husband at the same time as the pandemic prompted her to write her first, but not her last, book of poetry with photographs.

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