For Joe

I took a walk in the woods today,
I thought of you along the way.

I missed your voice and your smile,
I missed you more with every mile.

I tried to think of other things,
Even for a song to sing.

But every thought returned to you,
And how I missed the things we’d do.

So I gave in to the simple thought,
That you were with me on my walk.

I told you about that thing last week,
And how I missed you when I sleep.

I asked if you saw the morning fog,
Or if you knew about the dog.

I knew just what you would reply,
I began to laugh, and then to cry.

These talks I have each day with you,
Will be enough to see me through.

I took a walk in the woods today,
And you were with me all the way.

Carolyn Fountain

Carolyn Kane Fountain resides in the lovely seaside town of Rockport, Massachusetts with her two adult sons living nearby. Having retired after 25 years with the Massachusetts State Police she has engaged in numerous adventures. From working with the local homeless population to delivering mail, she has finally landed happily at Ocean Breeze Cultivators as delivery driver. Aside from occasional writing Carolyn also enjoys hiking with her dog, photography, and gardening.

2 comment on “For Joe

  • Carol
    September 22, 2021 | 8:59 pm


  • Linda G.
    April 22, 2022 | 5:56 am

    I just love this. I lost my husband of 44 years , 2 years ago. It is so hard. I miss him every second.

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